Business in Trece Martires City is booming. In fact, there are thirty six (36) existing factories in the city which are considered at par with the other neighbouring municipalities. Its proximity to Manila and at the same time being the center of Province  of Cavite area made Trece Martires City a promising venue for business.


           On the other hand, the local government has been very supportive of the investors. The administration continuously proves its worth as host for both local and foreign investors as evidenced by:

  • implementation of the one-stop-shop during renewal of business permits which creates convenient and comfortable atmosphere for taxpayers

  • provision for employment  

  • provision of skilled manpower


   At present, some of the factories in the city are as follows:

  1. Philippine Ecopanel Inc

  2. Somico Steel Mill

  3. Kumkang Ceramic Phils. Co., Inc.

  4. Integrated WasteManagement

  5. Industrial Galvanizers Corporation

  6. Purebev International Corp.

  7. Atlantic Coating

  8. Cavdeal

  9. Sonic Steel Inc......etc




Trece Martires City is composed at its center its 500 meters from the center is the Urban Development Zone ranging from Governors Drive and Tanza Indang Road with the additional 500 meters alocated for its Controlled Urban Development Zone. One is the SM City, Parkson, E Homes and Walter Mart Commercial Center situated at the Brgy. San Agustin at its central Business District.


Peace and Order


As a business friendly location has maintained the peace and order of its community with help from private volunteer groups and community organizations which support the LGU in its efforts at crime prevention.


The local police force works in close cooperation with other PNP units and agencies both in the provincial and national level.  Extending support to its efforts, the Traffic Management Office oversees road safety and regulations together  with the Disaster Team.  Moreover, emergencies and fires are quickly responded to by the local Bureau of Fire Station with additional enforcements from other fire stations in Cavite.


Among the industrialized towns in Cavite, we are considered the peaceful. we have a very relatively  low crime rate , despite the unfavorable policeman-to-population ratio of 1:1,832(based on NSO2015 population). This is made possible through the concerted efforts of the PNP, private volunteer groups, and organizations with the local government taking the lead.


Working hand in hand with the local government is the Bureau of Fire Protection which is always ready especially in times of disaster. It has widened its facilities by coordinating with the other BFP offices in the province.

Environmental Management   


The city is committed to work for economic growth without compromising ecological preservation and protection. This was reinforced with the establishment of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO) to work hand in hand with the community and stakeholders towards the realization of harmonious coexistence with the environment.   


Environmental Compliance of industrial establishments evidenced by their Environmental Compliance Certificates (ECCs), Wastewater Discharge Permits, Permit to Operate Air Pollution installations, integrated waste management, good housekeeping practices and the activities of their designated pollution control officers are monitored by the CENRO as part of its annual routine activity and basis for business permit evaluation. The office also offers technical assistance in order for industries to comply with the law at the minimum and set further goals for continuous improvement of environmental performance.        


Invest in Trece Martires