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History of  Barangay Luciano


BARANGAY LUCIANO, is one of the Barangays of Trece Martires City has been named in honor of Victoriano, one of the martyrs sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and were executed the following day.  Barangay Luciano was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954.



Little known by the Filipino’s is the fact that one of the Thirteen (13) Martyrs of Cavite was a promising scientist. His name VICTORIANO LUCIANO, 33, a pharmacist. He was one of the Thirteen (13) residents of Cavite who were rounded up by order of Governor Fernando Pargas, given a summary trial, and shot by a firing squad on September 12, 1896.

Luciano was no ordinary pharmacist. On March 1889, at the age of 26, he was graduated with honors from the University of Santo Tomas with the degree of Licentiate in Pharmacy. Owner of the Botica Luciano on Real Street in Cavite, he had perfected his formula for rare perfumes and lotions, and was awarded a certificate of merit by the Scientific Society of Brussels in Belgium. In recognition of his pioneering activities in the field of Colegio de Farma ceuticos de Manila, a distinction few pharmacists achieved in his time.

Like many sincere and honest intellectuals in countries reeling under foreign domination, Luciano became sensitive to abuses by the alien rulers of the land. He was outspoken in his attitude toward the Spaniards, especially the friars. Consequently, he became one of the cabecillas (little leaders) of the planned uprising in Cavite. A Freemason and a Katipunero, he allowed his drugstore to be the secret connection with the revolutionists in the Bicol region, especially with leader Domingo Abella, one of three Abellas among the Fifteen Martyrs of Bicolandia. Luciano supplied them with medicine and arms.

Barangay Luciano, was firstly named Bitangan and it was a major source of Bibingka during the hay days. The reason it was one the location of the old Marketplace of Trece Martires City.

And as in the profession of its namesake Barangay Luciano has been a center for Health as it became venues for then Andres Bonifacio Hospital (now General Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital) and the Cavite Center for Mental Health.

Based on the historical research, most of the residents, mainly traced their roots from nearby municipalities likes the Diloys, Crucillos, Villas, Guevarras, Feranils from Kayquit, Indang; Roguels and Tejedors from Lumampong, Indang; Espinelis and Roms from Tambo, Indang; Torres form Poblacion, Indang; Costelo from Pangil, Amadeo, Matels and Gutierrezes from Capipisa, Tanza; Lusok from Sahud Ulan, Tanza; Morabes from Salinas, Rosario, Mabituins from Bailen, Belejapas, Salud, Alvarez and Villegas from different places. Most of this migration is due to their employment at the Andres Bonifacio Hospital, Cavite Center for Mental Health and Provincial Capitol.

The Barangay Luciano Hall was first located in the house of then Barangay Treasurer, Felisa Costelo at Crucillo Street. During the 90s it was transferred in J. Villa Street.

Barangay Luciano celebrates its Feast Day on the 28th of October, Saint Jude Thaddeus the Patron Saint of Impossible Cause and Loss Hope. But their Chapel is named Mother of Perpetual Help which the Barangay also commemorate on the 26th of June.


Physical Characteristics

Barangay Luciano is in the heart of Trece Martires City, with Coordinates:   14°16'19"N   120°52'21"E and can be reached thru the Governors Highway or thru Cavitex which is 70 kms from Manila. Barangay Luciano has a total of 102 hectares in size and its terrain is 100% plain. Its adjacent Barangay include Inocencio in the South, San Agustin in the North, Conchu in the east and Lapidario in the west. It has a total population of 8,029 and a household of 1,945.

It’s 4.5 kms away from Manggahan, Gen. Trias, 8.9 kms from Tanza and 16 kms from Tagaytay Ridge and has 22 Streets including the main Business Strip (Trece-Indang Road) where 70% of the Barangay’s Businesses are located.

It has two pronounced seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.  Wet season covers the period from May to December of each year and the Dry season from the period of January to April.

Educational Health and Service Facilities

The Barangay is home for Health and Service Centers which not only cater for Trece Martires City but for the whole Cavite as well since we have the General Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital and Cavite Center for Mental that is both Public facilities. The main Public health centers for the Barangay are the Barangay health center and the Trece Martires Pavilion. Private institutions include: ORO Maternity Lying-In, Nonato Multilab Specialty and Korea-Philippines Friendship Hospital

Mode of Public Transportation


The main mode of transportation of the Barangay include: Tricycles, Jeepneys and Provincial Buses like Dionets, Don Aldrin, Baes and Ferdinand Liners.

Credit Institutions

Credit Institutions in the Barangay includes ACDI, Fundline, Pag-asa Credit Cooperative and the Ilaw ng Tahanan Credit Cooperative. Even the Samahan ng Kababaihan Kabalikat ng Barangay has a credit machinery wherein women of the Barangay are given livelihood Loans.

Water & Electric Supply

Water supply is supplied by the Trece Martires City Water District providing water supply to 955 households. There are 33 households that has no access to the water supply and it’s situated in Sitio Tautag that the Barangay Government is planning to allocate funding for secondary water pipelines.

Manila Electric Company also known as Meralco is the Barangay’s lone distributor of electrical power. Providing power to 955 households. Conveniently, Meralco - Trece Martirez Extension Office is located in the Barangay.



Waste Management

Waste Management has been a problem of the Barangay. It has passed ordinance ordering local business establishment to provide segregated trash bins but still it didn’t lessen the waste production. Another problem of the Barangay is the residents living at the riversides that throw their filths at the water ways.

The Barangay plans to purchase its own Garbage Truck to have regular collection of the waste and also to force the residents to follow the segregation policy thru the no-segregation no collection scheme.



Peace and Order

The Barangay employs a total of 10 Barangay Tanods to monitor and maintain the Peace and Order of the Barangay.

Since the Barangay has a lot of Business Establishments, the Barangay has enforced the installation of CCTVs to help in crime prevention. Curfews have been recently restored to protect minors.

Barangay Officials

Currently the elected and appointed officials of the Barangay Luciano for 2013-2016 are as follows:

Chairman                                              :           Luisito R. Diloy

SB Members                                         :           Gilberto L. Buendia

:           Marcelino B. Poniente

:           Mike Erickson P. Signo

:           Juan C. Lugay

:           Nestor C. Peñalba

:           Elizardo B. Gunez

:           Domingo d. Roguel

Secretary                                              :           Karl Frederick R. Lorenzo

Treasurer                                                                :                   Felisa C. Costelo



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It has always been my desire to share with my kabarangays and the rest of the Treceños the Socio-Economic Profile and Development Programs that we have achieved thru the use of The Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) that enhances the capacity of local governments in detecting and reducing poverty: (a) in addressing the needs of their respective localities by maximizing the use of their existing resources; (b) providing the necessary information that would reveal to decision-makers an up-to-date development situation of communities in terms of core areas of welfare; (c) establish databanks at all geopolitical levels that may serve as inputs in poverty mapping; (d) used as a tool in monitoring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the local level; and lastly and more importantly (e) promoting community participation.


As we use this information we are better equip in serving our constituents. Let us continue to perform our duties as public servants, in the pursuit of bureaucratic efficiency, participative democracy, and inclusive development: Public officials like us in the Sangguniang Barangay will lead the way in creating programs for the betterment of the people, however, such programs will be insignificant without everyone participation and concern. Let us encourage not only the barangay officials, and staffs but also those private individuals within and outside of our barangay, to give their whole-hearted support to implement and to make projects and programs as formulated thru the information gathered thru CBMS, a success. And lastly let us join our constituents—and remain steadfast, with full confidence in one another, on the straight and righteous path towards lasting, meaningful change.


So let this be an encouragement to all of us, to share even in thoughts and deeds, by actively participating in the implementation of programs for our barangay. Let us all be inspired to serve our barangays in the entire Trece Martires City and the entire nation and do more for others in the spirit of PUBLIC SERVICE.


May the Almighty God bless us all!

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