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I am proud to present to you the Website of the City of Trece Martires. This medium reflects the local government’s commitment and dedication in providing public service to our constituents as well as to visitors of this city.

     This website will also help visitors gain on hand information about the programs, projects and activities as well as the services offered by the different offices of the locality. We hope that this medium will serve as a tool in generating investments that will be of great benefit to the people and the community.

     Like any city, we are confronted with different challenges, but Trece Martires is also a great place to live, to raise a family, to work, to invest and to enjoy life. It’s a city of beautiful, livable neighborhoods and wonderful place for habitation. Together, we can make this good city a great city. This is our job, our mission and our passion because as always, we pledged to work hard, every single day, to improve our quality of life and to make Trece Martires City a better community every year.

     It is my hope that with the continuous pouring in of investors and expansion of business links, prosperity for Treceños is within our reach today and in the years to come. In behalf of the members of the City Council and the Local Government Units of Trece Martires, I urge every local government agency and my beloved Treceños to join efforts in our pursuit to a more progressive Trece Martires City.

     Let us build a continuous rapport that will Move this city Directly in its road to Success. 


                                                                                  MELANDRES G. DE SAGUN, DPA

                                                                                                    City Mayor

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