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The city has a total land area of 3,917 hectares or 39.17 square kilometers composed of thirteen (13) barangays.  Three (3) of these barangays namely Barangay San Agustin, Luciano and Lapidario which have an aggregate area of 566 hectares or 14.45% of the city’s total land area comprise of Poblacion while 85.55% or 3,351 hectares were classified/categorized as rural barangays.

The city lies 45 kilometers south of Manila. It is located at coordinates 14 18’ longitude and 120 53’ latitude and located at the center of Cavite Province. It is bounded by the Municipalities of Amadeo and Indang on the South, by the Municipality of Tanza in the North; by Municipality of General Trias in the East while Municipalities of Tanza and Naic in the West.

The city has an elevation of 100 feet above sea level.  Although there are hilly portions, the greater parts of its area are generally plain.  Slope ranges from 0-8 percent distributive in terms of hectarage, 1-3% having an area of 1,606.15 hectares and 308% with an area of 2,310.85 hectares.

The city has hour (4) major rivers: these are Pulonan River, Cañas River, Kay Alamang River, and Panaysayan River.

The city’s land use is generally apportioned into built-up area comprising of 1,013.06 hectares or 25.86%, commercial areas with 201.27 hectares or 5.14%, institutional areas with 115.15 or 2.94%, industrial area with 236.05 hectares or 6.03%, agro-industrial areas with 198.80 hectares or 5.08%, agricultural areas with 420 hectares or 10.72%, parks/playground and other recreational with 115.70 hectares or 2.95%, open grasslands/idle lands with 1,120.5 hectares or 28.61%, cemetery with 37.52 hectares or 0.96%, roads with 224.62 hectares or 5.73% and water bodies with 234.33 hectares or 5.98%.

Based on the National Statistics Office 2015 Survey, Trece Martires City has an annual population growth rate of 7.88%. The city has 155,713 populations for the year 2015 with a population density of 46 persons per hectare.  Its male population is 77,676 while female population got 78,037. Most of its populace is dominantly Roman Catholic followed by other religious affiliations such as Islam, Iglesia ni Kristo, Protestant and other spiritual beliefs.  Number of Muslim Communities still increase as they explore business potential in the City.

The city’s labor force has 112,534 with an employment rate of 89.3% or 100,493.

The city has now forty one (57) registered private schools with complete basic facilities. About seventeen (17) of these private schools offered secondary education. Forty (40) Public Day Care Centers, thirteen (13) Public Elementary and seven (7) National High Schools.  The city has three (3) colleges namely: Cavite State University-Trece Martires City Satellite Campus at Brgy. San Agustin, City College (TMC College) located at Brgy. Luciano and one (1) private college (Colegio de Amore) at Brgy. Luciano. There are also three (3) existing vocational schools such as the Imus Computer College, the Amore Care Giving Vocational School and the Standard Culinary & Technical Skills Training offering vocational course for high school graduates who cannot avail or afford Bachelor’s Degree education. 

Business establishments increased its number especially the financial institution as they believed that more of its kind flourishing is a good indicator that the city is in its road to progress. There are sixteen (16) Banks, twenty (20) Cooperatives, thirty-one (31) Lending/finance institutions, twenty (20) pawnshops and twenty (20) money transfers/remittance centers registered. 

Medical services are still growing. The city has five (5) hospitals: two (2) of which are private, two (2) are public and one (1) mental hospital which is also public. There is also have one (1) main rural health center and fourteen (14) barangay health stations located at various barangay in the city. Seven (7) Multi-Specialty Clinics, sixteen (16) lying-in/ maternity clinics, fourteen (14) dental clinics, five (5) optical clinics, thirty-six (36) drugstores/pharmacies, four (4) veterinary clinics, fourteen (14) wellness/skin/facial care clinics and five (5) fitness gyms.

Commercial establishments are still growing. We now have one (1) SM Supermall “SM City Trece Martires”, four big shopping Malls (WalterMart, Tower Mall, E-Homes and Parkson’s City), two (2) central public markets, two (2) private markets, nineteen (19) fast food chains, twenty-five (25) restaurants, nine (9) commercial spaces, sixty-five (65) bakeries, one hundred seventy two (172) computer/internet shops, eleven (11) gasoline stations, six (6) resorts, forty-two (42) water refilling stations, seven (7) funeral homes, sixty-four (64) beauty parlor/salon, twelve (12) junkshop/scrapper, fifty (50) water refilling stations, one thousand three hundred forty-one (1,341) sari-sari stores, eighteen (18) vulcanizing shops, eighteen (18) travel agencies and one (1) golf course.

Agricultural establishments are also growing in numbers with five (5) piggery farms, five (5) poultry farms, ten (10) poultry supply, seventy-six (76) vegetable/fruit retailer, thirty-one (31) meatshops/meat retailers, forty-three (43) fish retailers and thirty (30) rice retailers.

The city also has twelve (12) sports or recreational facilities for the community to spend precious time while taking leisure or pleasure in some places within the city like playing golf, basketball, volleyball, badminton, lawn tennis and also nine (9) Paliguang Bayans developed by the city government where you can explore the natural beauty of the environment.

A positive relation and camaraderie between and among the officials, policeman and constituents have resulted to a relatively good peace and order situation in the city. 

About Trece Martires

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