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Gregorio classified as rural area and has a total population of 4,192 and considered as one of the peaceful Barangay in the City.

It is surrounded by Barangays and Municipality: Tanza to the North, Barangay Conchu to  the South, Barangay Osorio to  the East and Barangay San Agustin/De Ocampo to the West. It has a total land area of 198, 000. The Barangay is divided into 8 Puroks.

Historically, Maximo Gregorio is one of the great thirteen martyrs of Trece Martires, he was called Nol Chimo by his neighbors and friends, was one of the “Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite.” He was born on November 18, 1956 in Pasay, then Rizal province, and the second of the three children of Francisco Gregorio, who hailed from Badoc, Ilocos Sur, and the former Celedonia Santiago, who was a native of Pasay.

He studied at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran, but never failed to finish his schooling, as he was drafted in the Spanish army. After undergoing training in San Antonio, Cavite, he joined Regiment No. 72, which was sent on an expedition to Jolo to fight and pacify the Moros. Upon his discharge, he secured an appointment as an encargado in the commissary of the Spanish army in Cavite, a job he held for 20 years.

.                                                                                                  MAXIMO S. GREGORIO

  (1856 – 1896)

  One of the 13 Martyrs of Cavite

He was initiated into Masonry in April 1892, and later joined the Katipunan. He was active in both societies. He supported the work of Filipino propagandists in the Philippines as well as abroad.

            Gregorio was a civic – minded person who never tolerated abuses by the authorities. Upon his admission into the Katipunan, he became busy organizing its branches in Cavite. Under him, two local groups were established. Balangay No. 1 “Marikit,” was formed in Barrio San Antonio around 1894

When its membership reached 25, Balangay No. 2, named “Lintik,” was formed in Barrio San Rafael. Both barrios were in the town of San Roque. The activities of the Katipunan reached the provincial capital due to the membership of Eugenio Cabezas, a watchmaker, and Eulalio Raymundo, a tailor – their shops were located in the capital – in Balangay Marikit. Its other members included Severino Lapidario, the provincial warden, Feliciano Cabuco, and Jose Lallana, another tailor. Gregorio thus became the principal organizer of the Katipunan in Cavite, there being no single supreme leader named for the entire province of Cavite.

The uprising in Cavite was planned for September 1, 1896, but Gregorio wanted concerted action among all the revolutionists, so its was moved to September 3 – 4. However, the so-called secret was unraveled by the discovery of the plan by Victorina Crespo from her dressmaker.

Likewise, Judge Pedro Solano sensed something was a foot when he suspected his cochero and his brother of stealing some cartridges and a knife from his house. Henceforth, the authorities arrested Severino Lapidario, his assistant Alfonso de Ocampo, and Luis Aguado. They were taken to the boat Ulloa, where they were forced to confess to the charges brought against them after doing three hours of continuous labor. All this happened on September 3, thus frustrating the revolutionists’ second plan.

From the declarations of Ocampo, the authorities learned that among the cabecillas, or little leaders, of the local revolutionists were Victoriano Luciano, Hugo Perez, Agapito Conchu,

Pablo Jose, Marcos Jose, and Juan Castaneda of Imus, and that above them were Maximo

Inocencio, Francisco Osorio and Inocencio were charged with procuring arms and munitions. The authorities also learned that the revolutionary unit’s secretary was Feliciano Cabuco, and that plans for the uprising were perfected in the house of Maximo Gregorio.

From the declaration of Lapidario, it was learned that the incitement to take arms came from Eugenio Cabezas, who, on August 31, was sent by Aguinaldo. From Aguado it was learned that the houses of Antonio San Agustin and Jose Lallana, besides that of Gregorio, were used by the revolutionists as meeting places. As a result of these declarations, the authorities affected mass arrests.

On that fateful day of September 12, 1896, the 13 doomed men were taken by fours out of their cells, escorted to the Plaza de Armas of Fort San Felipe, and shot at 12:45, noontime. Ocampo had to be carried bodily to the execution site due to a wound he had incurred. The dead bodies of Conchu, Gregorio, Cabuco, Cabezas, Lapidario, and Ocampo were placed on a carabao – drawn cart and covered with bangkuwang mats, and then taken to the Catholic cemetery of Caridad, where they were dumped in a common hole. Other martyrs were allowed to be taken by their well

– to – do families, who buried them in separate graves.

On September 12, 1906, 10 years after the mass execution, the bodies of six of the victims were exhumed and deposited in a vault in a monument erected in honor and memory of all the 13

Cavite martyrs to freedom.

Gregorio’s known hobby was that of wine-making. He made it out of basi, which came from Badoc in tibor jars. His product was enjoyed as a placer de la reunion and as a delicia de la mesa.

He was married to the former Esperanza Legaspi – who died in 1899 – and they had nine children. Only four of them reached maturity – Agripina, Francisco, Pilar, and Josefa.

            Here are the list of Punong Barangay who served as the leader of Barangay Gregorio.


Barangay Captain

SULPICIO E.COLORADO          1938-1954

AGRIPINO C. DE JESUS          1954-1972

TOMAS B. LUBIGAN          1972-1982

ALBERTO T. DE JESUS SR.          1982-1988

AGRIPINO C. DE JESUS           1988-1991

ELENA A. AUTRIZ          1992-2002

DENVER P. COLORADO          2002-up to June 2010

ERNESTO C. UMIPON          July 2010-November 2010

MELNITA A. SIERRA          December 2010-2013

ELENA A. AUTRIZ           2013- up to present

Physical Characteristics

Gregorio is one of the thirteen barangay in Trece Martires, belong in the 6th district of Cavite.  In the honor of Maximo Gregorio, historically one of the thirteen martyr’s and considered as one of the peaceful Barangay in the City.

It is surrounded by Barangays and Municipality: Tanza to the North,  Barangay Conchu to  the South, Barangay Osorio to  the East and Barangay San Agustin/De Ocampo to the West. It has a total land area of 198, 000 square meters (198 has.). The Barangay is divided into 8 Puroks.

The Barangay is classified as rural, and has a Population of 4, 192 as of 2015. The Barangay has promoted programs for citizens such as Health & Nutrition, Clean & Green, Peace & Order, Education, and Disaster Preparedness.

Barangay Gregorio has four (4) Educational facilities. Two (2) of which were Day Care Centers- Gregorio Proper and Heritage Homes Day Care Center, and two (2) Elementary Schools – Aliang Elementary School and Neverland Learning Center.

The Barangay also provides basic health care services and facilities. Three (3) facilities were constructed within the Barangay. One (1) Barangay Health Center located along Barangay Hall (ground floor), and two (2) Dental Clinics located at Purok 1 (Governors Drive) and Purok 5.

In Service Facility, the Police Station located at the territory/land area of Barangay Gregorio and the Barangay outpost located in the front of Barangay Hall.

In Public Transportation Terminal, has three (3) located at Purok 1 (along welcome arch), Purok 6 (gate 1 of Heritage Homes and main road of Heritage Homes.

The Multi-purpose Hall is located at Purok 2. And the Sports Facility has three (3) located at  Purok  1 (Half Court), Heritage Homes Phase 2 and  Metrogate Clubhouse.


Mode of Public Transportation


Purok 1 (Kanto)

Purok 6

By land, Barangay Gregorio, is approximately 10 minutes tricycle ride from the TMC Public Market terminal.  Mainly, tricycles, bicycles and single motorcycles are used as public transportation to move around the Barangay.


Credit Institutions

Basically, the main credit institution that are present in barangay are those who can offer   microfinance/ lending credit institution individually and by group to some of our constituents in a small amount which is affordable to them mainly Kasagana Ka, Light Microfinance, Nickel and Microfinance Development Program, Mabuhay Bank and sometime banking institution like First Microfinance Bank, PS Bank, RCBC Bank that can offer car loan individually. 


Water & Electric Supply

            The Barangay is comfortably has a basic needs of water and TMC Water District is responsible to supply a clean and protect water comes on its pump station.  Heritage Homes and Metrogate has its own pump station operated within the area.

            The electricity of the Barangay comes from the supply from Meralco at Tanza, Cavite.


Waste Management

            The process of collecting waste segregated in Barangay Gregorio lies in the weekly collection by the GSO personnel assigned in collecting waste.  The weekly routine preferably Tuesday and Thursday on house to house basis done in barangay with the used of dump truck.  The implemented ordinance adopt by the barangay and the Barangay Ordinance No. 003-2015 entitled “No Littering Ordinance”, with the used of Designated Area per purok, this is still one of the best practice in implementing waste management in barangay.

Peace and Order

Barangay Gregorio is generally peaceful.  Daily rounds by Barangay Tanods, Chief Tanod and Barangay Councilor On-Duty are regularly conducted to ensure maintenance of Peace and Order in the Barangay. Presently, there are 17 Barangay tanods, One (1) Female and sixteen (16) employed in the Barangay.

Barangay Officials

                              Hon. ELENA A. AUTRIZ                     - Punong Barangay

                  Hon. ELISEO C. DELA LUYA             - Barangay Kagawad

                  Hon. REX B. DE JESUS                        - Barangay Kagawad

      Hon. AMADOR A. BARONGRONG   - Barangay Kagawad

                  Hon. MHARVIC S. VILLANUEVA      - Barangay Kagawad

                  Hon. MARY JUDITH E. MENDOZA - Barangay Kagawad

                  Hon. JIMMY E. BARRINUEVO          - Barangay Kagawad

                  Hon. VICTORINO A. LUBIGAN        - Barangay Kagawad

                           LEONARDO J. BOLOR JR.        - Barangay Secretary

                           JENNILYN Q. SALAMATIN      - Barangay Treasurer

                           JOCELYN R. MORANO             - Barangay Record Keeper

                           AXSEL N.CABELLO                   - Barangay Clerk I



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A good day my beloved people of Barangay Gregorio!


Barangay Gregorio, as one of the smallest barangays in Trece Martires City, aims to provide better friendship, equality and promotes if possible programs that will be beneficial to all our constituents with the used of available resources.

We are lucky enough for having obtained the training on Community Based-Monitoring System (CBMS). But with this, come the challenge and the responsibility on our part that is to live up to the expectations of the people.

This is also the beginning of another struggle that, at times gets even more challenging when coupled with disappointments. But this should not be a barrier because the knowledge and skills we acquired will enable us to conquer all problems. All of this, it will benefited our constituents in the improvement and planning through the help of the Development Plan of our barangay behind this activities/ programs in the end.

My constant prayers will be for the success that we rightly deserve.


                                                                                                Hon. ELENA A. AUTRIZ

                                                                                                Punong Barangay

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