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Greetings in Peace!


As part of the Local Government Code of the Philippines, being the Chief Local Executive of the Basic Unit of Government, It is my distinct pleasure to present to my constituents and to other concern parties the Socio-Economic Profile and Development Plan of Barangay Inocencio.


This was first achieved thru the systematic use of the CBMS or Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) which is a diagnostic and an organized way of collecting information at the local level for use of LGUs, National Government Agencies, NGOs, and Civil Society for planning, program implementation and monitoring.


The CBMS addresses the lack of necessary disaggregated data for diagnosing extent of poverty at the local level, determines the causes of poverty, and more.


This details as is included in this comprehensive report and thus provide information for the National Government, Non-Government Organization and Different stakeholders as it also shows the developmental condition of the Barangay.


Conclusively, in turn serves as guide or reference to be used for formulating appropriate policies and programs, identifies eligible beneficiaries, and assesses the impact of policies and programs that will be integrated in the Barangay Developmental Plans and that are responsive to the needs of my community.


We hope that this report make the citizens will be more aware of the present status of the barangay and encourage each and every one to participate and support the programs and activities the Barangay will carry out.


In behalf of the Barangay Government, I would like to convey my sincerest admiration to the City Planning for their support and in effect enhances our capabilities as public servant.


Thank you and Godbless us all.


                                                                                                            HON. TEODORO D. ATAS

                                                                                                                   Punong Barangay

History of  Barangay Inocencio

BARANGAY INOCENCIO, is one of the Barangays of Trece Martires City has been named in honor of Maximo Inocencio, one of the martyrs  sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and were executed the following day.  Barangay Inocencio was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954 as proposed by Congressman Jose T. Cajulis and supported by Sen. Justiniano S Montano and Governor Delfin M. Montano.


            Barangay Inocencio is formerly known as “ Buwisan” then become “ Bagong Pook. The settlers are mostly native of different barangays in Indang Cavite. The majority of the settlers are from the clans of Atas, Ilagan, Vicedo, Cunanan, Escalante and  Mendoza.


            Before the village was lead by a “ Teniente del Barrio” the very first appointed leader is Mr. Francisco “ Kiko “ Atas who has serve the longest term of service in the political history of Barangay Inocencio. The first school established in the barrio is “ Bagong Pook Elementary School.

Physical Characteristics

Barangay Inocencio- formerly known as  Bagong Pook is one the thirteen Barangays in Trece Martires City. It was named after Maximo Inocencio; one of the thirteen martyrs sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and was executed on the following day. Inocencio was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954.

Barangay Inocencio is one of the most accessible Barangay in Trece Martires City. The adjacent Barangay in the North is the Barangay Luciano, in the east is Barangay Conchu, in the west is Brgy. Aguado and in the South is Brgy. Mataas na Lupa, Indang Cavite. It is 2.50 km. away from the Provincial Capitol of Cavite.

It has a total land area of 243 hectares. There are five subdivisions developed namely: Tradition Homes Phase 1 & 2, Saint Joseph Homes, Sampaguita Village- Asiatic and Ayala, Regina Ville 2000 Phase 1 and Phase 2, Southville Phase 1 and 2 and 8 Puroks in Barangay Inocencio.

Base from the joint census made by the Barangay Officials and its staff with the personnel from the City Health Office held last 2015, the total population of this Barangay is 20,564.

The major source of income of the family in this Barangay are through employment to a private and government office, operation of different business, farming and the livelihood program initiated by the Barangay Officials through the Brgy. Fund.

The means of transportation are tricycle, public utility jeepneys / bus and private owned vehicle.

Manila Electric company ( MERALCO ) provides power supply in this area through power purchase agreement with the NAPOCOR. NPC transmit it through Dasmariñas Sub-station. Payment of electric bill is easier and accessible now since there is a MERALCO office in the City. The City Water District supplies the needed.

The existing communications services are provided by PLDT, Digitel, Smart, Globe and Sun. Newspapers (Tabloid and Broadsheet) and various magazines published in Metro Manila are circulated here. Clear reception of televisions programs and radio broadcasts makes the barangay updated with the national and international events.

People are governed by mandatory officials; composed of 8 elected and 2 appointed barangay officials headed by the Punong Barangay. Additional Barangay Officers are appointed by the Brgy. Chairman such as 10 administrative staff, 17 barangay tanod to help in the preservation of peace and order in the community,11 members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa to facilitate the barangay justice system, 9 utility to maintain the cleanliness of the surroundings, 3 barangay nutrition scholars for the provision of nutrition program. There are also Day Care Workers and Barangay Health Workers who are serving also in the community.

Other basic mandatory services given in the barangay are the following: In terms of health and social service, there is a Barangay Health Center maintain and supervise by 3 Health nurses together with the midwifes and 7 Brgy. Health Workers, Day Care Center maintain and supervise by 6 Day Care Workers. There is also a provision of funds for scholarship, summer reading and medical mission. For general hygiene and sanitation, Brgy. Inocencio bought a garbage truck to be used for the collection of waste.

Through the barangay funds, the construction of different infrastructure facilities were made such a multi-purpose covered court, livelihood training center, open canal, street light, waiting shed at Bagong Pook Elementary School, waiting area in front of Day Care Center, improvement of different Day Care Center situated in Barangay Inocencio. The Barangay Government of Inocencio was able to purchase a lot where the multi-purpose covered court and multi purpose hall was erected.

With these manifestations, Barangay Inocencio can now be considered as one of the most progressive Barangay not only in Trece Martires City but to its adjacent city or municipality.

Educational Health and Service Facilities

Barangay Inocencio has 6 Day Care Workers that maintain the Day Care Center and every summer to be certain that the students will not forget their lessons and stunt their learning, the Barangay Conducts Reading Class for incoming grade I students.

Mode of Public Transportation

The main mode of transportation of the Barangay include: Tricycles, Jeepneys and Provincial Buses like Dionets, Don Aldrin, Baes and Ferdinand Liners.

Credit Institutions

Credit Institutions in the Barangay includes ACDI, Fundline, Pag-asa Credit Cooperativeand Other Financial Services like Pawnshops and banks.

Water & Electric Supply

Water supply is supplied by the Trece Martires City Water District providing water supply to a total of 6,009 households. And 6,292 families

Manila Electric Company also known as Meralco is the Barangay’s lone distributor of electrical power., providing power to all the households (6,009). Conveniently, Meralco - Trece Martirez Extension Office is located near the Barangay.

Waste Management

For generally maintain the cleanliness and the over-all health of the community the Barangay has its own Garbage Truck that collects the garbage of every households. This also encourages the families to segregate the waster because the Barangay has adopted the City Ordinance No Segregation No Collection Policy.

Peace and Order

To maintain the Barangay Peace and Order, the Local Government Unit has hired a total of 17 Barangay Tanods. They carry out regular roving nightly for crime prevention and that they are posted in different outpost for proximity to the area of concern.


Barangay Officials

The Sangguniang Barangay are composed of the following people below. Please note that most of the them  started last 2007 except for Hon. Rosendo P. Dilidili and Hon. Rowel M. Vicedo

TEODORO D. ATAS          Punong Barangay

Rosendo P. Dilidili          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Reynaldo A. Vicedo          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Nenita E. Casaba          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Rowel M. Vicedo          Sangguniang  Barangay Member

Myra M. Tapia          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Virgilio D. Atas          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Eladio E. Vicedo          Sangguniang Barangay Member

Jennifer C. Guevarra          Barangay  Secretary

Lailanie I. Mojica          Barangay  Treasurer



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