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History of  Barangay San Agustin


San Agustin,  formerly known as “Quintana”  is one of the thirteen  Barangays  in Trece Martires City has been  named in honor of Antonio San Agustin, one of the Martyrs sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and were executed on the following day. San Agustin was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954.  The New  Cavite Provincial Capitol, was inaugurated by Governor Montano  on January 1, 1956, The same year also that the St Jude Thaddeus Church was construct  for all the Roman Catholic. San Agustin, was  first lead by the first  Chairman formerly   named    “ T iniente Del Barrio”  by Hon. Lope Panganiban, then followed by the Barangay Chairman Leopoldo Matiag Sr., Hon Emilio Colorado Sr, Hon Flordeliza Dili, Hon Amado Masicap, then presently under the management of  Hon. Cornelio L. De Sagun. Before San Agustin has a very  simple community and live in a simple houses made of wood or Nipa Hut surrounded by different  trees , the main transportation was Jeepney and tricycle. It was  year of 1981 the City Public Market was constructed for our  fellow Trecenos, then October 2012  WalterMart Trece Martires Branch was constructed also followed by different Commercial establishment, so we may call the Barangay as center of Bussiness in the City.

Physical Characteristics

Barangay San Agustin is classified as rural with a total land area of 252 hectares. It is bounded in the north by Barangay Luciano, in the south by Barangay De Ocampo, in the east by Barangay Gregorio and in the west by Barangay Cabuco. It is generally residential but has a large portion for commercial use.

It has two pronounced seasons, the rainy season and the dry season.  Wet season covers the period from May to December of each year and the Dry season from the period of January to April.

Educational Health and Service Facilities

In Barangay San Agustin is where you can find the main Educational Facilities of the whole of Trece Martires City. It has the main National High school and the Central Elementary School so they cater for the most of the populatin.  Although with the great demand and the expansion of the population majority of the Barangay has their own elementary and Highschool Annexes.

In terms of Health Services, the Barangay is near the Provincial Hospital (General Emilio Aguinaldo Memorial Hospital) but also the City Helath Office and some Private Dental Clinics.

Mode of Public Transportation

By Land Barangay San Agustin has Public Transport Terminals of Bus, jeepney, van, tricycle  are used as public transportation to move around the barangay, and in public highways going through different cities and provinces.

Credit Institutions

There are different Credit Institutions in the barangay also to sustain the needs of the community to support the financial needs of the businessmen as well as the for the employees.   TMC Cooperatives and Commercial Banks are the top Credit Institutions in the Barangay.

Water & Electric Supply

The TMC Water District is responsible for the water distribution of the barangay. Other sources of potable water supply are from pump stations and Commercial Water Refill Stations.

The MERALCO or Manila Electric Company provides electric service of its residents

Waste Management

Barangay  San Agustin  the practice of waste segregation and waste minimization at source and has formulated the Integrated Waste Management System and Ordinance which includes the Waste Segregation and Storage; Waste Processing and Resource Recovery; Collection and Transportation of Wastes; and Violation and Penalty Provision. 

Peace and Order

Barangay San Agustin  is generally peaceful. Daily rounds by Barangay Police are regularly conducted to ensure maintenance of Peace and Order in the barangay. focusing on roads, Markets, Commercial Buildings, Subdivisions, thirteen(13) Puroks for the protection of the community, there are 38 Barangay Police employed in Barangay San Agustin.

Also the main dispatch of the local Police Station is within the jurisdiction of the Barangay.

Barangay Officials

Cornelio L. De Sagun     Punong Barangay

Henry F. Salazar     Sangguniang Barangay Member

Eduardo M. Perey     Sangguniang Barangay Member

Ronan V. Roxas     Sangguniang Barangay Member

Erlinda A. Panganiban     Sangguniang  Barangay Member

Midel M. Masicap     Sangguniang Barangay Member

Sonia M. Guinday     Sangguniang Barangay Member

Danilo Panganiban     Sangguniang Barangay Member

May L. Castano     Barangay  Secretary

Joselito Bahala     Barangay  Treasurer



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Being an Elected Officials of Barangay San Agustin, Trece Martires City, Cavite we need to perform our duties and responsibilities as mandated by our government. 


By way of presenting to you this Barangay Development Plan, the gaps identified using the CBMS Data 2014-2016, are being prioritized. Despite the limitations faced in terms of financial aspect and insufficient technical know-how, through continued participation and cooperation of our constituents, the improvement of the delivery of essential public services and development condition of our constituents are rest assured with the conditions that these shall be implemented with transparency and accountability. 


As the Barangay Chairman, I am encouraging my colleagues to work as a team and continuously improve our system for the attainment of our mission.


            To end, we would like to thank the DILG and City Planning Officials of Trece Martires City, Cavite for their endless support and guidance in the activities in past years and contributes information to improve our performance in the formation of Barangay Development Plan.



            God Bless Us and More Power!


                                                                                    Cornelio L. De Sagun

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