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History of Barangay Cabezas

Barangay Cabezas, is one of the barangays of Trece Martires City has been named in honor of Eugenio Cabezas, one of the martyrs sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and were executed the following day. San Agustin was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954.


Eugenio  Cabezas  is  one   of  the  13th   Martyrs  of  Cavite  originated  from  Sta.  Cruz  Manila  He  migrated to  the  province   of  Cavite  where  he  put  up a  Gold  Smith  business.   He  become  a  member  of  the  Secret  Revolution Society of the Katipunan.


The Barangay Cabezas is also  known as Palawit.  It has a total  land area of Two Hundred Thirty Three (233) hectares  the entire span  is composed of residential  housing with  two subdivisions with a wide Golf Course.

Every 15th  day of the month  of May it  celebrates the feast  of the Patron  San Isidro Labrador. 

Physical Characteristics

The Barangay Cabezas is more or less Four (4) kilometers from the City proper.  It is bounded by Barangay  Hugo Perez to North. Barangay Lallana to the South. Former Panaysayan to the East. Barangay Conchu to the West.  

The Barangay has the land area of Two Hundred Thirty Three (233) hectares.  It has a total population of Five Thousand Five Hundred Ninety Eight (5.598) with a total househols of One Thousand Four Hundred(1.400)’

The classification of our Barangay is an urban and the mode of livelihood is farming and employment.

The Barangay has a Golf Course that caters foreign players.

Mode of Public Transportation

Brgy. Cabezas from brgy. Proper serve by tricycle going to  Aguinaldo hi-way located at Brgy. Hugo Perez  then you can take a jeep or bus in going to the City of  Trece Martires proper to North and Gen. Trias and Dasmarinas to the East.


Credit Institutions

There is no Credit Institution based in our Barangay however there are several Credit Institution transact business within our Barangay that based in other places. 


Water & Electric Supply

Manila Electric Company (MERALCO)is the sole supplier of electric service in our barangay. It serve a total of One Thousand Four Hundred (1.400) households.  

The water is being supplied by Trece Maretires Water District.


Waste Management

Our barangay  has passed Barangay Ordinance No. 2009-01- Anti Littering on Any Public Places and the Riverside. The ordinance is strictly implemented and fine is being collected to violators. The waste is being collected in our barangay twice a week by the City of Trece Martires and dumped at dumping site at Brgy. De Ocampo.  


Peace and Order

Our Peace and Order situation is peaceful except for occasional minor cases being filed at our barangay justice system.  We strictly implement curfew hours up to 10:00 pm for minors age 18 yrs. Old  and below. We implement 24/7 foot patrol of bantay bayan.






Barangay Officials



Punong Barangay


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang  Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Barangay  Secretary


Barangay  Treasurer



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Office of the Barangay Chairman


           I  am pleased to present to  you this Barangay Development  Plan  which contains the  Gaps  identified  using the CBMS  Data  2014-2016,  are  being  prioritized.


          This Barangay Development  Plan shall serve as the basis  in the formulation of programs, projects and activities that are  responsive to the needs  pf our constituents, it well serve as reference in crafting  the Barangay Agendas  as  embodied in the plan.


          This report also aims to  strengthen the   partnership  of  the Barangay with the  continued  participation and cooperation  of our constituents, the improvement  of the  delivery   of  essential  public  services  and  development  condition of the community  are rest assured   with the conditions that these shall be implemented with transparency and  accountability.


           Lastly on behalf of the officialdom of our Barangay, may I  congratulate and thank  the National and Municipal  Agencies  in  coming up with the  Consolidate Barangay Management System  (CBMS) which will paved  the way for the establishment of the  state of governance of  the barangay  for the  benefit  of our constituents as well as the  whole community.


          May the Almighty God bless us all. 

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