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History of  Barangay Aguado

Barangay Aguado is one of the thirteen barangays of Trece Martires City. It has been named in honor of Luis Aguado, one of the martyrs sentenced to death by the Council of War during the Spanish Regime on September 11, 1896 and was executed on the following day. Aguado was given its name upon the approval of Republic Act 981 on May 24, 1954.

            Barangay Aguado is formerly known as “Fiscal Mundo”. The barangay is the 5th largest barangay in Trece Martires City which is subdivided into 11 puroks with a total area of 298 hectares.

            Luis Aguado, 33, was one of the Thirteen Martyrs of Cavite who were arrested by the Spaniards as an aftermath of the uprisings in San Francisco de Malabon (now General Trias), Noveleta and Cavite el Viejo (now Kawit) on August 31, 1896. Occurring after the other within a period of five hours, 10 A.M. to 3 P.M., these three armed incidents constituted the “First Cry of Cavite,” the local counterpart of the “Cry of the Pugad Lawin” on August 23.




Hon. Felemon M. Nueva was then the Punong Barangay 1979-1988

Hon. Apolonio M. Nueva was the Punong Barangay 1988

The First Barangay Hall was established 1988-1993

Hon. Teodora V. Nueva was Punong Barangay 1993

Barangay Health Center was established 1993-1996

Hon. Francisco Gatdula was the Punong Barangay 1997-2010

Hon. Librado E. Sierra was the elected Punong Barangay 2010-Present

Hon. Jaimer Sierra is the current Punong Barangay. 2014

Establishment of new Barangay Hall

Physical Characteristics


Barangay Aguado is under the legal base Republic Act 981 given on May 24, 1954. It is a barangay in the city of Trece Martires, 6th District of Cavite. Barangay Aguado has a total land area of 298 hectares wide and is bound by Barangay Lapidario (North), Barangay Inocencio (East), Barangay Cabuco (West) and the Municipality of Indang (South). It is about 4.5 km away from the provincial seat of government Trece Martires City.


The barangay is classified as rural and has a population of 11,768 as of 2013 (source). The major works of the residents in Aguado are agriculture, entrepreneurship and being employed in different companies.


Educational Health and Service Facilities

       Secondary       1


       Elementary         1


       Day Care Center      6

       Barangay Health Center       1


        Drugstores      1


         Barangay Outpost     1


           Multi-Purpose Hall      1

          Sports Facility       4


            Barangay Aguado has a total of eight educational facilities: one elementary school, one secondary school and six Day Care Centers. Barangay Health Center serves as the major health facility in the barangay and a drugstore supplements the medicinal needs of the residents in the barangay. On Service facility, the Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall serves as the barangay government unit with one maintained barangay outpost. Sports facilities?

Mode of Public Transportation

By land, Barangay Aguado is approximately a 15-minute ride to Trece Martires City, using tricycles, multicabs, and single motorcycles. These vehicles serve as the mode of public transportation that are used to move around the barangay.

Credit Institutions

Barangay Aguado, has been a recipient of credit institutions focused on enhancing the finances of the Barangay in terms of Business ventures at earning extra. Credit Programs are a good way to provide leeway for small entrepreneurship to sprout and to spur growth in the Barangay.

Water & Electric Supply

The Trece Martires City Water District is responsible for distributing water in the whole barangay. Other major sources of potable water supply are from protected springs and pump stations.

MERALCO is the major source of electric supply in the barangay.

Waste Management

Barangay Aguado promotes the practice of waste segregation and waste minimization at source and has formulated the Integrated Waste Management System and Ordinance which includes the Waste Segregation and Storage; Waste Processing and Resource Recovery; Collection and Transportation of Wastes; and Violation and Penalty Provision.

The Provincial Ecological Solid Waste Management Board was strengthened through Executives Order No. 007-2002 in compliance to Republic Act 2003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan of 2003.

Peace and Order

Barangay Aguado is generally peaceful. Daily rounds by Barangay Tanods are regularly conducted to ensure maintenance of Peace and Order in the barangay. Tanods usually focus in the areas where there is a large distribution of population. Presently, there are 36 barangay tanods employed in the barangay.

Barangay Officials



Punong Barangay


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member


Sangguniang Barangay Member            


Sangguniang Barangay Member            




Barangay Aguado has a total population of 11,768, total households of 2,958 and average household size of four (4). Aguado has 11 Puroks and among these, Purok 8 has the highest distribution of population and number of households of the total population with 47.25% and 42.45% respectively. However, Purok 5 has the least number with 92 populations and 20 households.


Of the Total Barangay population of 11,768, about 4,109 belong to child and youth group, these ranges from ages 0-4 to 10-14. The productive working age group ages 15-64 years old totals to 7,502 or 63.75% of the total population.

Basing the Age-Sex Distribution by Purok from Table 9, we can see that the highest posted are from age bracket 10-14 with 1372 followed by the 15-19 and the 20-24. It clearly shows that there will be a great increase in the voting population, workforce and other economic indicators in the next 5 years that will affect the overall benchmark of the Barangay relative to the CBMS.

Peace & Order


Barangay Aguado has a total of 3 crimes committed in all its purok with 2 committed in Purok 8 and 1 in Purok 10. This is what Table 25 revealed to us regarding the number of households who are victim to crime.

Peace & Order

  • Households which Fell Victim to Crimes During the Past 12 Months

Table 25. Number of Households who are victim to crime


Total Number of Households

No. of Households which fell victim of crimes in the past 12 months



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A Peaceful Greetings to all!


I am to present the CBMS report which contains the performance of Development in Barangay Aguado, Trece Martires City.


            This report shall serve as the basis in the formulation of Programs, Projects and Activities that are responsive to the needs of our constituents. It will serve as reference in crafting agenda as embodied in the Barangay Development Plan.


            This report also aims to strengthen the partnership of the Barangay with the higher Local Government Units (LGUs), National Government Agencies, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) as it presents a vivid picture of the Development Condition of the Barangay. Above all, it aims to increase the awareness of the residents on the CBMS so that they become more involved and participative on Barangay Affairs.


            Today, our Barangay is performing its best in exhibiting a face of an established community, through the collective efforts and practical applications of ordinances within the Barangay. It also envisioned itself to be excellent in services and for welfare of its people through its performances. And to point out that as long as technical and financial supports are continuously given to us by the City Government, we are confident enough to hold on our mission and vision to be an example of a Good Governance.


            May the Almighty God Bless us!






          Punong Barangay

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